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Healing the World through Creation

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ROZE UMBRA is a platform and community that offers spiritual mentorship and resources for artists and creators to help them find their unique purpose and vision. I believe that creators have immense power to heal themselves and the collective through their creations if they are aligned with their heart's calling.

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Who is Alex Coma?
More on why I create Roze Umbra

Alex Coma on a motorcycle adventure

As creators, we have immense power when we understand the potential hidden in our minds and imaginations. I realized this as a professional visual artist following the classic path of the contemporary art world. My main medium being oil painting, I began programming my paintings with the symbols I was learning about in ancient mystical texts. To my surprise, over the years, I realized that those symbolic stories I was encoding in my paintings started to play out in my life and mind. I knew that I had tapped into something powerful so I started to actively use that knowledge to understanding deeper and deeper concepts about the mysterious universe we live in. 


As time passed, my heart was pushing me to create a career that served a bigger purpose other than serving my personal needs. I knew I had to take a leap of faith; I sold everything I owned in Canada, and left for a motorcycle adventure across Turkey, the country where most of my vision pointed me towards. I had an instantaneous connection with the land, a knowing that I had been there before and a big portion of my purpose was revealed to me there. I now know that I am here to live a life of service, of higher virtue and to create something that is bigger then me. That creation is called: Roze Umbra.

Cappadocia, Turkey
Roman Mosaic

From Creator to Mentor
How Understanding your ''Self'' can Bring Focus to Your Life

As a creator with a deep interest in the mysteries of the universe, in my early years a professional artist, I was guided by my intuition to heal myself through my art and to tap into the mysterious powers of creation. I discovered how Magick can operate through us, and how empowering it is for creators to use this knowledge to become pillars of change in their communities.


All of this has brought me to understand my true purpose in this lifetime: to help creators like you merge their conscious and subconscious minds so they can create from an exalted place. Your creations can then become spiritually activated and live out to be more than simple objects or entertainment - they become living oracles and as a Shakespearian text, they live on forever bringing light to humanity.

Old roman wall and landscape from eastern turkey
Mediterranean Vegetation

The Global Shift
How I want to serve you

We are transitioning into a new era and are currently witnessing the transformation of almost every aspect of our society. We as creators have the power to re-imagine the future and energetically, through our creations, change the collective unconscious in a better direction.


I am passionate about sharing my knowledge of sacred geometry, symbolism, ritual-work, astrology, dream analysis and more to help you understand your own creative power and how to use it in what you want to create.


I believe that sensitive and creative minds like us are the best vessels to be a light that will inspire this new world. 


If you share this vision and want to be part of it, it is with and for the sake of Love that I invite you to join me and be part of this community and mission.


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