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Blue Hour Study group & Meditation

Dedicate 90 min/ week to meditate and learn about a new mystical subject

  • 1 h 30 min
  • Suggested price: 15$
  • Online

Service Description

The blue hour happens daily 20 minutes before and after sunset and gives all of earth a bluish tone. It is the moment of transition where all is possible, where we can float between the sunny conscious mind and the dark unconscious mind, ideal to study and integrate spiritual teachings. One week before our weekly sessions, a short 20-40 page PDF file containing a text from a occult scholar or mystic will be send out for everyone to read via our facebook page Blue Hour Mystical Studies During our sessions, we will start by a guided mediation (15-30 min) to get into the right head space to learn and understand the depth of the mystical concept addressed in the text. I will first go through it through highlighting the major bullet-points for those who will not have had time to read it all. We will end with a group conversation. The idea behind these weekly session is to start flooding our mind with deeper perspectives on life that will end up helping us on our ascent towards higher spiritual truth and a more fulfilling life. The more you consume higher knowledge, the more your perspective changes. I recommend anyone attending to make yourself a cozy corner at home with candles, incense and warm tea, and we will all meet to share ideas and discuss the mysteries weekly. For a limited time, for those wanting to meet in person in the Courtenay/ Comox (Vancouver Island) area, it will also be possible. The details of the location will be given to you once you sign up or you can email me to ask.

Upcoming Sessions

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