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7 Divine Laws to Awaken Your Best Self

How to live a more fulfilling life and create a better world according to the 7 divine Laws?

We often think of law as a set of rules imposed by elected or non-elected authorities, yet it goes beyond mere governance. If we turn the clock back to a time before formal governing bodies existed, what constituted law, if anything? Through the study of ancient scriptures across various traditions, we discover the concept of divine law, universal principles accessible to self-aware beings without the need for external tools. These laws are represented by the sacred number 7, a number that resonates with the core of our existence. It’s the same number that underlies the color spectrum and holds connections to elements like continents, chakras, planets, and more. The ancient Greeks recognized these laws, personifying them in 7 gods who embodied the virtues of these universal principles and were worshipped daily. However, in our modern era, the concept of law has become clouded by individualism, greed, and excessive intellectualization, which has led to the proliferation of complex laws due to an abundance of lawbreakers.

These 7 laws, governing both the visible and the unseen, serve a significant purpose—they allow for the unrestricted evolution of consciousness across time and space. Those who follow these laws are promised security, peace, and a life of truth. As Plato once profoundly stated, "A lot of man's suffering comes from man watching his own disobedience (of the laws) being swept away." In other words, suffering arises when we witness the negative consequences of our disobedience.

Given the present turbulent state of our societies, we find ourselves in an era of reconstruction, offering a unique opportunity to revisit these foundational laws. Now, more than ever, a solid foundation is essential for a prosperous future. Let’s delve deeper into these laws:

Law 1: The law of evolution

At its core, this law unveils the secret of evolution, emphasizing the constant improvement of potential. Everything in the universe evolves through conditions rather than from one state to another. To evolve, one must delve within, bringing awareness to every part of the self, thus revealing the path to the unknown and the next stage of evolution. Everything in our universe is on this path, from the grain of salt aspiring to become a planet to a flower seeking to become the sun.

However, exceptions exist; this law implies constant movement and vibration. If not consciously evolving, one is inevitably devolving. Human uniqueness lies in the heart—the portal to our divinity. Neglecting this spiritual path may lead us down the animalistic route, driven by desires and urges, the sexual chakra—an ominous path of devolution.

Another perspective envisions conscious evolution as an individual gaining awareness of their unconscious mind, gradually revealing more of their potential. This spiritual evolution allows deities to express themselves through individuals, turning them into vessels of light.

Law 2: The law of Cause and Effect

This law illuminates the machinery enabling evolution. Like a prehistoric man accessing wisdom through trial and error, observing the effects of actions leads to wisdom. Responsibility accompanies this law—no one is a victim; causes may be hidden. Delving deep within for causes increases consciousness, inviting us to take the responsibility to change what doesn't bring 'good.'

Plato's profound words echo through this law, "A lot of man's suffering comes from man watching his own disobedience (of the laws) being swept away," underscoring the idea that understanding the causes of our actions is pivotal in alleviating suffering.

Ancient occult art
Divinity revealing to us it's hidden truth though the zodiac

Law 3: The Law of Polarity

This law is the most important to understand to help reduce suffering. It shows how everything swings like a pendulum. If you are living a life of extremes, you will always have difficulty with balance. If you are always focusing on your next hit of dopamine, may it be through sex, partying, social media validation, food, etc., and especially if you do get it, then you are cursed with the lack of dopamine, which will naturally come once the high is over.

The biggest key to this law is moderation. You have to understand that the more you gain, the more you have to lose, and the more you lose, the more you have to gain. Moderation is kind of like the middle path, where you can remain grounded in the heart - where you are able to be constant in life and therefore achieve your goals with ease and grace. Moderation releases the mind and soul from unreasonable attachments.

It is good to observe that likes and dislikes are also polarities that obscure the truth. Hot and cold are not truths as they always depend on their opposites; the truth that unites both is Temperature. This exercise can be done with everything in life.

Law 4: The Law of Harmony and Rhythm

Harmony can be seen as a uniting force that blends every part of the whole together. Beauty, mathematics, and music are also part of this law as it often brings about symmetry and balance, which is attractive to us humans. True harmony happens in the soul, as a conductor of the orchestra of our lives, where every instrument works together perfectly.

Rhythm is kind of like the tempo in music that allows every part of the whole to sync together into harmony. The ancient Greeks knew this, and they would create music for every activity to blend in this concept.

You can apply this to your own life with music. When you are sad, you can express it all out of you by putting on sad music. Most of us do this naturally. The same is true with upbeat music to enhance our moods. If you listen to chaotic music and live a chaotic life, the opposite remedy can be applied by listening to melodic harmonic music. It might seem uncomfortable to listen to at once, but slowly it’ll have an effect on you psychosomatically.

A map of the world within a human hand
We hold the entire universe in our hands

Law 5: The Law of Analogy - There are three books that can help humans reveal all secrets: the holy scriptures, the universe, and humans themselves

This is my favorite law as it gives us the key to understanding everything from distant galaxies to which plant offers which remedy for which illness.

Leonardo Da Vinci was a good example of this law. He studied the human figure and summarized certain common traits, expressions, stresses in his paintings. It was as if he was summarizing entire societies in one human face. He saw that all things are alike in substance and principle, differing only in size and their related parts. All creation comes from one basic pattern.

On the objective plane, quantum physics and modern psychology are starting to describe well those objective truths of how electrons and the universe are connected through an archetypal sympathy. If humans could study one thing completely in all its dimensions, it could understand everything completely.

Man can study the stars endlessly only to discover even more worlds; he can study theology but still be somewhat detached from his own experience. Within himself, he has available only things he can really understand and know, his own life. There is the answer because he can never live someone else's life, nor understand the depth of someone else’s heart. In every cell of every body must contain the total experiences of all life and experiences related to causes and effects. This law helps him understand that all bodies are houses for souls and all souls are houses for bodies. All things visible have their relationship to things invisible in the same manner, varying in degrees.

Laws 6 & 7: The Law of Rebirth and the Law of Karma

These two laws are grouped together as we humans still don’t have access to the full understanding of those laws. In this same way, we only have access fully to our five main senses but have access to seven which will develop as consciousness on earth rises. It also connects to the mysteries of the two far-away planets Uranus and Pluto. So little is understood about those.

That being said, those two laws can only be understood by us through the lens of the five previous laws. The law of rebirth stems from the law of evolution but on the other planes of existence (astral, spiritual, and mental planes). We will not fully understand those laws until we lose our dense individualities. The truth is we are but one spark of the total sun which is the all, and if we identify with that spark, then we can fulfill our destinies. Slowly by doing that, we reduce our identification with the ego self and move towards the god-self, where the saying ‘Let thy be done’ becomes more important than ‘let my will be done’.

The law of Karma stems from the law of cause and effect but on the multiple planes of reality. These two laws affect less of the physical, as in the two first laws, and more of our moralities and ethics. Good morals and ethics are like what I previously called moderation in the other laws. It is a way to balance karmas and pay off bad karmas quicker.


These seven laws govern all facets of existence. Studying and embodying them can lead to a harmonious world, working with, through, and for all. This is my true desire with Roze Umbra. May this entity I’ve created work through me for the greatest good and vice versa. May these seven laws be the foundation I wish Roze Umbra to incarnate in and permeate through the physical, emotional, and mental world we all share.

Namaskar, everyone.

Occult image of the manifested world
The created world

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