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What is Spiritual Mentorship Program for Visionary artist and Creators (Soul Care)?

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Clarity can be hard to get in this day and age where we are pushed to rely on the external more then the internal.

Are you ready to tap into this infinite and divine creative potential that exists within you?

Are you ready to let your creations be inspired by something that has never be seen before as it is unique to your own inner-landscape?

I offer a very unique form of Soul Care / Spiritual Mentorship Program to creative individuals who are ready to fully experience their life as psychic beings having this human experience – and be the soul-centered leaders that our world needs. From being an visual artist myself, I have learned how powerful the gift of creation can be to transform ourselves and the world around us. I came to understand that artist or not, our biggest artworks are our lives and how we can embellish those of others. The art of creation can be seen as a series of conscious decisions you take second to second that birth an idea into reality. This idea once birthed can be seen, felt, and even dreamt by others and serve as inspiration to create the collective world we want to see manifested. Through my Soul Care / Spiritual Mentorship Program, you will experience more peace, insight, purpose, interconnectedness, healing, positivity, love, compassion, and integration of your true self in the world and your spiritual life.

As artists or creative people, most of us are highly sensitive to energies around us and make us the perfect candidates to channel information from within us that has the potential to enlighten our communities. This is a double edged sword because it also makes us more vulnerable to feel the negativity and issues the world around us is juggling around. Another issue I have seen is that creators are often being fuelled by the desires of money and recognition and that halts the natural development of the creative soul that would eventually leads to spiritual realizations. This is why I was called to create Roze Umbra; to offer tools and guidance for the creative souls that know they have more potential within them and their creations.

Why work with a “Soul Care” Spiritual Mentorship Program?

A good mentor is here to constantly lift you up and make sure that you succeed in every way that you want to be in this world. Mentorship for visionary artists aims to mobilize all aspects of you, including inner resources that you did not know you even had. It also goes much deeper into your definition of success and what you want to achieve, helping you dig deeper into your intentions and supporting drastic and truly transformative shifts.

As a Soul Care provider, I guide my mentees to tap into what they usually don’t perceive, seeing beyond the visible and listening more deeply into their own soul and the energies at work all around them. From there, you can become unstoppable in “co-creating” with the Universe (co-creating is a formula that I personally prefer to manifesting”) and making artworks that communicate well your inner truths and your unique gifts.

This work takes commitment, over time. The package of 8 sessions that I offer is generally enough to see the results that you are looking for. But my objective is also to have you see the benefits from day 1.

It is time to take your life and creative powers to the next level! I am ready for it. Are you?

Don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss if we could be a good fit. I will give you an honest feedback in terms of how I can help you.

It is important to note that although my role may entail some counselling, it is not one of a therapist. It can be an adjunct to, not a substitute for, conventional medical or psychological services.

Why would you want to mentor with me?

There are as many personal reasons for seeking spiritual mentoring as there are people seeking it.

  • You are a visionary artist in whatever form this may take, and feel like you have a higher calling for your life and career and or a deep curiosity towards the mysteries of the world and of the soul.

  • You are a healer yourself, a community or business leader looking for someone to walk with you for a while, in a sacred yet non-religious and non-denominational context; you want more than “just talking”, you want practical tools to open up to channels of wisdom within you.

  • You want someone who is not going to impose a set formula but meet you exactly where you are. The whole point of my mentoring other people is not to have them follow what I do, but to fully nurture their own dreams and creativity, their own unique paths and calling. Each of us is absolutely unique and this is that diversity that our world needs. And this is what I cherish the most about our humanity. F

  • You are ready for more than incremental changes, and long for deep, life-changing transformation. You want someone to be accountable to so that you make sure that you actually make the changes that you want in your life.

  • You have a sense that you have some personal work you need to do but don’t know where to start or how.

  • You don’t feel that traditional therapy is necessarily for you or want something that is more “hands-on” and will give you very concrete tools to work with.

  • You may look for a spiritual mentor to get ongoing support on your path, because you feel lost or stuck or you find yourself at a significant turning point of your life, and need someone to be on your team, someone to serve as your personal growth partner.

  • You may feel isolated or not knowing where to start to shift your life and answer your true soul purpose or even understanding what it is.

In all cases, don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss if we could be a good fit.

How does mentoring with me work?

By experience, I know that I cannot have a preconceived agenda, curriculum or end goal in mind. I have to meet my clients exactly where they are along the way. Let me repeat this: I am not like many other mentors. I won’t follow with you a set formula but meet you exactly where you are. The whole point of my mentoring other people is to fully nurture their uniqueness. This is that diversity that our world needs and what makes us visionary artists.

As you'll be able to see in my soul care offerings, i like to start every mentorship with as Astro- Tarot introductory session. This allow us to dive deep into your soul which is seen in your planetary constitution. I use Vedic astrology which is the oldest known form of astrology and find is the best system for understanding people. In this system, the planets mean many things but amongst those, the chakras. The Sun is your Anahata heart chakra and you connection with your higher self, Jupiter is your Svadhisthana Creative Chakra etc. This allows us to see which position in your chart brings more challenges and how we can work with it. During those session, I end with a tarot session to help my intuition guide me towards a unique message for you to help us see a direction to work towards.

The next sessions will be chosen chosen after our first session but will have a specific focus working with the hermetic principles of the elements. Water deals with emotions, intuition, feminine qualites and is connected with the moon, venus etc. Fire deals with the Will and taking courageous action as is connected with Mars-ian qualities. Air deals with the intellect which is in reality the trackpad or control room of the water- fire axiom of our Self and it is connected mostly with Mercurial qualites, but included other planets as well. Finally earth is a blend of the 3 previous elements seen in the 3D reality and included our attitude towards discipline (Saturnian), connection with our body temples and to Mother Earth. For this last Earth element, we will look at your Dosha, which is an ayurvedic principle, to see how you can rebalance whatever is out of balance in your body through herbs and ayurvedic principles.

The next sessions after this will be used to learn more in depth and powerful techniques of spiritual work that will aim to make you self-reliant on your own inner wisdom and shine your light in your own unique way.

A commitment for a minimum of eight consecutive sessions (see package in pricing) is required so you can see both the radical shifts that you might be looking for, and sustainable results. I also ask for commitment to regularity; this is essential for the work and a condition to see powerful results in a short period of time.

I design each mentoring program specifically tailored to your personal needs, as they evolve from week to week. Afterwards, you will have a personalized, full toolbox (that will be yours only and will work with your life) to keep growing on your path. Our work will also be very practical and apply directly to the unfolding of your everyday life, providing greater ease and clarity.

In between sessions, I am available by email and often provide distance support, offering concrete suggestions and feedback if necessary. If the sessions are bi-weekly, I ask for an update in between sessions.

What kind of tools or techniques do I use as a spiritual mentor?

As a spiritual mentor, I use a vast range of tools that integrate body, mind and spirit. I never work only at one level. I draw upon ancient Hermetic wisdom that can be found in all religious and spiritual traditions and teachings, and combine them with modern consciousness, and the results of the latest research in psychology and neuroscience. Why? Because I take the infinite possibilities of neuroplasticity seriously and I want lasting transformation for you.

Meditation, dream work, ritual-work, mindfulness practices, breathwork, astrology, ayurveda, sacred geometry and concrete exercises will be used as necessary.

You will come away with your personalized tool kit for addressing emotions and distorted thought patterns, fresh perspectives on new ways to be in your life, and practices to support your ongoing journey into wholeness.

What is my commitment to you as your spiritual mentor?

I offer a safe and sacred container for you to deepen your self-exploration and personal transformation.

My commitment to you is to be a loving spiritual companion, a witness and, when needed, facilitator on your journey. I will always respect and support your independence and, even more important, your own inner power. I also always fully respect the specificity of each person’s path and beliefs.

And I am available to you in between sessions. I have often been told that this is particularly unique, and this is why I can’t take too many mentees at once. But I know that my availability to you is what makes you transform faster from one session to the next, as we continue to work in between.

What is your commitment as a mentee?

The main thing required on your part is an open and willing attitude. You also need to be ready to let me hold you with love and compassion, while pushing you when needed. I won’t necessarily tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear.

This program will also require commitment on your part to do some homework in between sessions. In all cases, it will be practices and exercises that apply directly to the unfolding of your everyday life, and support the exact type of transformation that you are looking for. I will also make sure that it will fit your life-style. So my mentees generally don’t feel that it is “homework.” However, I ask them as I will ask you to commit to their own growth and report in between sessions.

I will be honored and humbled to serve as your personal growth partner.



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