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Living Arts

At the core of my understanding, art is a transformative and alchemical process that breathes life into opposing forces, harmonizing them to manifest a superior, unified entity. It empowers individuals to shape their reality through sheer will. Through my services, I offer you the opportunity to delve deep into this process, providing you with the essential tools and/or a nurturing space to make your art, life and business thrive and expand.

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Artwork Comission

Drawing upon my expertise, I specialize in crafting captivating artworks that serve as profound visual expressions for artists across various disciplines. Whether it's designing album and book covers, providing consultations for ritualistic dance performances, or curating immersive transformational art experiences, my work revolves around transforming the core concepts of artists into symbolic images that eloquently capture the essence of their creative endeavors.

I have had the privilege of collaborating with esteemed artists such as Joep Beving, Amir Mourad, and dance collective La Tresse, translating their visions into powerful visual representations. By delving deep into their artistic realms, I extract the essence of their work and distill it into evocative imagery that resonates with both the artist and their audience.

My commitment lies in unlocking the transformative potential of art by crafting symbolic visual narratives that transcend conventional boundaries. With an unwavering dedication to capturing the essence of each artist's vision, I bring their ideas to life in a manner that ignites a profound connection with viewers, encapsulating the very essence of their artistic expression. 


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Spiritual Retreats

At the heart of my work is the creation of transformative spaces, where individuals immerse themselves in intentional living for a few days, guided by the profound influence of astrological events. These carefully curated retreats blend rituals, art therapy, eastern yogic practices, and Ayurvedic health principles, seamlessly weaving them together to infuse every moment with deep meaning.

My objective is to illuminate the profound impact of conscious living, where every decision is imbued with intention, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling existence. Through our retreats, we foster a daily journey of self-transformation and inner insight. It is my firm belief that by embracing this path, we unlock the tremendous potential for personal growth and fulfillment. 


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Logo Magick

With my extensive expertise in logo design, I specialize in crafting tailored and impactful visual identities for businesses and personal brands by harnessing the profound potential of sacred geometry. I firmly believe that symbols possess a living essence, one that springs to life through the conscious awareness of individuals. Recognizing the paramount significance of a symbol that resonates with a company's values, I strive to create logos that captivate potential clients on both conscious and subconscious levels. Through skillful utilization of angles and colors, I unlock the infinite communicative powers that lie within, elevating the essence of your brand

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