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Blue Hour Mystical Study Group
Q & A?

Q & A?

What is a mystical studies book club?

A group dedicated to mystical studies is a gathering of individuals who come together to explore and delve deeper into the realms of mysticism, spirituality, and esoteric knowledge. We will often engage in discussions, meditation, and the study of various mystical traditions and practices.

What are the benefits of joining a mystical study group / book club?

Joining Blue Hour Mystical study group offers numerous benefits. It provides a supportive community of like-minded individuals, opportunities for personal growth and spiritual development, access to knowledge and resources, and the chance to deepen one's understanding of mystical practices and traditions.

What kind of topics or practices might be covered ?

In thisamystical study group, we might explore topics such as meditation, energy healing, divination, astrology, chakra work, lucid dreaming, and shamanic practices, ritual work, secret societies etc. The group may also engage in discussions about spiritual philosophies, mystical experiences, and the exploration of consciousness. A survey will be sent out to you to see which topic are of interest to you to help in the weekly choice of topic.

Is there a certain level of experience or knowledge needed to join?

No, there is no specific level of experience or knowledge required to join this mystical study group, only an open and curious mind. This group is open to anyone who is interested.

  • Moon Pass

    Every month
    Access to every weekly session. This also represents a commitment to your Self.
    • Nebula Pass

      Ideal if you have an unstable schedule
      Valid for one year
      • 10 class pack
    • Soul-Current Continuous Care

      Every month
      Ideal for those who need weekly accountablity and want an immersive experience
      • Unlimited Blue Hour Study Group session
      • Soul Care weekly follow-ups
      • 2x 1h Soul Care sessions / month
      • Full moon and New moon ritual emails
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